Leak Detection

Leak Detection Surveys (LDS) are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and overall health of buildings.

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Comprehensive Approach to LDS

In cases of water ingress from roof structures, our team at Kingsley Roofing London is equipped to conduct thorough Leak Detection Surveys. Our approach includes three distinct methods, selected based on the specific needs of your property:

Dye Testing

This method involves using coloured water and dyes to trace and identify the source of leaks.

It's particularly effective in visually determining the path of water ingress.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

ELD employs electronic equipment to detect leaks.

This method is highly effective in identifying breaches in waterproof membranes, especially in areas that are not visually accessible.

Moisture Mapping

This technique involves mapping the moisture content in various parts of the roof to identify leak-prone areas.

It's useful for understanding the extent and severity of water ingress.

Vector Mapping

Specifically used for buried systems, such as green roofs, brown roofs, or ballasted roofs, where the waterproofing is not directly visible.

Vector mapping is crucial for these complex systems to precisely locate leaks.

Our Tailored Approach

Our selection of leak detection methods depends on various factors, including the type of roof, the extent of suspected water ingress, and the specific construction of your building. Following an initial survey, we recommend either a single method or a combination of techniques to most effectively address your needs.

Why Choose Kingsley Roofing Southern for Leak Detection?

Expert Analysis

Our team is skilled in employing a range of advanced leak detection methods.

Preventative Approach

We focus on early detection to prevent costly repairs and preserve building integrity.

Customised Solutions

Our recommendations are tailored to your specific building requirements and circumstances.

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